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Leader Board

Miners of the week

Here’s the proof of our mining data centres that generate a significant amount of BTC every week. You can check payout tab for all miners list. Leaderboard contains the topmost 5 miners of the current week. Minebtc is an online system that gives you all the insight of your mining ring that is running at our data centres. All data is synchronised and updated.

1 1LjceeNb5MZpmxmjxopdtDrBo8ufsseMrw 0.0853
2 1Bz9CAH6nM1fN512k4xhgBjstXHwiVzy81 0.0810
3 3BvKpZdBdBtZQ3Uq4tCVAJWy4BcFEEzMem 0.0472
4 13hBHpJB6eavR4AkGyNQ6iKJwrNoXiAfDy 0.0463
5 13ez2oTuyf18x6pMTxovwdHnemPDeVDGcE 0.0370

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